The Top 10 Most Family-Friendly Destinations Abroad For Traveling With Toddlers


Better technology and services have made flights and trains more comfortable and accessible. If you’re a parent who can’t wait to travel with the new baby, this will help you choose the best countries to visit! But before you do, be sure to take travel insurance from India.

Which countries are family-friendly?

Planning a family vacation with toddlers is challenging. Toddlers aged 1–3 are active and require much care and preparation. Worrying about your toddler in public is normal, especially away from home. From flights to kid-friendly cafes, you may have many travel destination questions.

Better yet, the best travel insurance in India that covers medical emergencies, personal liabilities, baggage delay, and other issues can help you handle financial emergencies to ensure a fun time with your baby!


Toddler-Friendly International Destinations Include:



Italy is a popular kid-friendly destination with many resorts, restaurants, and parks. Italians love kids so you can take a much-needed family vacation in this Schengen country! Tourists are safe, and families vacation there. The country is toddler-friendly! Examples include Dolomites, Tuscany, Lake Como, Lake Garda, and Marche. You can rent a car to visit the countryside’s kid-friendly farms, lakes, beaches, and more.


Pro-Tip: Exploring Rome and Venice, which have many water canals, steps, and uneven terrains, with a toddler can be difficult. That’s why you and your toddler need travel insurance from India before coming here, so everything is safe!



Sweden remains a child-friendly destination. The city is full of kid-friendly places to entertain your child! You will easily spot a stroller wherever you go, as it’s a very walkable country, and parents can quickly go to parks and play areas. Most restaurants have kid-friendly menus, so your toddler won’t go hungry. Since it may be cold, getting travel health insurance for your family makes sense in case hospital visits are necessary. Swedish hotels and public transport are kid-friendly. Smaland, Malmo, Liseberg, and others are great. Playgrounds, activity centres, zoos, and kid-friendly museums are plentiful.



Thai people love kids—you’ll see it! Thailand is family-friendly and fun. If you google it, Thailand has many family-friendly areas despite its reputation for adult entertainment.

Elephant nature parks in Chiang Mai and Kok Chang, Dream World, Tooney Museum, EasyKart, Bangkok Doll Factory and Museum, and Splash Jungle Water Park are great for toddlers.

Pro-tip: Many hotels offer to babysit so you can take a break before playing with your toddler! But check with your hotel before booking. Similarly, ensure family travel insurance booking is made before flying.


New Zealand

New Zealand ranks high for women and children. The country is very family-friendly and has many toddler-friendly areas. You’ll find a safe playground and baby-changing area no matter where you go. You can find toddler-friendly restaurants and cafes with high chairs, kid-friendly menus, baby-changing rooms, feeding rooms, and toys.

Willowbank Wildlife, Mount Hutt, Christchurch Botanic Garden, International Antarctic Centre, and Bay of Islands are kid-friendly New Zealand attractions. Even if the country is very safe, getting family travel insurance when travelling with a toddler is prudent.

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