Pests in Tacoma City Homes and how to Get Rid of them


Tacoma City is Washington State’s pride when it comes to world-class glass art. With the vibrant urban culture abundant with creativity and sophisticated city charm, Tacoma is home to more than 200,000 residents.

With an interesting mix of modern and historical neighborhoods, commercial establishments, and a thriving downtown area, Tacoma’s various cityscapes presents unique pests’ problems that can be challenging for homeowners.

Bedbugs Home Infestation

Bedbugs can cause such a nuisance, especially when they come to attack an unsuspected sleeping victim.  These pests are active at night, and they feed using their elongated beak to suck and withdraw blood from humans, even on pets. Bedbugs will attach their specialized mouthpiece on victims for about 3 to 10 minutes until they become engorged and satisfied. They are good at hiding and they always come in a group. Unlike ants and other insects, bedbugs do not build nests but instead stay in places where they can hide like under the mattress, headboard, in between wall cracks, clothing, furniture among other things. Over a female bedbug’s lifetime, bedbugs can easily lay hundred eggs which is as tiny a speck of dust.

Stink Bugs in Homes

Stink bugs are native in most Asian countries, and it was discovered that these stinky bugs have reached the U.S. shores in 1998. Although stink bugs do not directly present threats to humans or properties, they have a strong tendency to invade Tacoma homes in big numbers which can be a serious nuisance. These invasive but can destroy crops, fruits, vegetables and other plants. Stink bugs become home pests since they are drawn to houses usually on warmer days for protection.

Biting Flies Around and In Homes

Flies such as deer, stable and horse flies are different from the common fly. These types of flies can pierce through the skin delivering an excruciating painful bite drawing blood from victims. They are known for their stealth with precise landing on targeted objects. Often times they create an annoying buzzing sound around their target. Bites from these flies can become very itchy which may lead to relentless scratching for days. Biting flies are usually active during the day and are common around lakes, streams and ponds where they will lay eggs in moist damp areas. These flies can transmit diseases and can cause severe allergic reactions.

Getting rid of these pests can be hard especially if the infestation is already all over a certain property, but a reliable Tacoma pest control service can help. They have the professional expertise and experience to systematically solve any pest problem in the area.

Never ever try “do-it-yourself solution” in mitigating pests because it likely will not solve the problem and will just leave the “root problem” untreated. Remember that you will be dealing with chemicals which can cause dangerous accidents if not properly used. Any kind of pest problem can only be solved by a company or teams with the proper knowledge and training on the matter. When you let a professional handle this problem, you will not only get rid of the main cause/s quicker, but you also prevent the same problem from happening again, which can save you a big amount of money and more time.

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